Beth & Bill's Straw Bale Addition

Beth & Bill's Straw Bale Addition

Project Details

Beth & Bill’s family home was part of a whole house renovation in the Takoma Park, MD community built with and for their family in 2006. They offer it for tours and events (meetings, art openings, parties). Come see straw bale and natural plaster construction, green roofs, creative building with salvaged materials and locally milled wood, heating with a corn stove, and a storm water management plan integrated with beautiful native plantings and a retention pond. All these practices were considered as they worked towards creating an enlivening and soulful home.

As you’re considering which architect to work with, you are welcome to come see Beth & Bill’s straw bale addition and whole-house renovation – just drop them an email at Although each of our home designs differ in response to an individual client and place, their home embodies the ideas and practices we explore on all projects.

Please download a PDF for a list of Beth & Bill’s Ecological Features.

To learn more about this project or set up an exploratory session for your own project, please get in touch with Bill.

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