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Welcome to our Blog. In this space you will find writings that explore the idea of Dwelling and ways of building and living with an ecological consciousness. Here we try to challenge the conventional limits and horizons of architecture.

In our Ecological Design Practice we often mention that the greenest architecture is that which is not built at all. While we grapple with this contradictory aspect of our work, we try to make sense of the interconnected web of life and how we might help our clients and communities forge a deeper understanding of their place in this world. We hope this leads to transformational change and positive contributions towards the health of the natural systems we are a part of.

We hope to create a space where you feel comfortable to explore these topics with us and welcome your comments and contributions towards this dialogue.

Joy Andrews, Acupuncture and Feng Shui Collaborator

Meet Joy: Acupuncture, Feng Shui and remembering ‘Homebase’

The interest in wellness is infiltrating all industries now, including design. The move towards green and more sustainable ways of living is at the heart of Helicon Works’ Ecological Design Practice. As our work with Dwelling has evolved, we’ve expanded our collaborative to include Joy Andrews, M.Ac, L.Ac in our work with clients.
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Dwelling workshop drawings

The latest Dwelling workshop

I love offering this workshop!  It gives me joy to see participants open to receive insights into who they are – see their Home.  I give the workshop in my home, my embodiment of my Home – we built our home to share; this too is fulfilling.  I make lunch, bring them tea, support their…
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Exploring Biomimicry & Biophilia at the Living Future unConference May1-4

I just returned from Portland(ia), at the Living Future un-Conference from May 1-4. They are the folks who brought us The Living Building Challenge, a holistic evolution of LEED (not officially; those are my words). They describe it as the “leading event in regenerative design”. I agree… how about you? Have you ever been? Feel…
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In-Home Consultation: Courtyard Home in Mexico

Reflections for a client wanting to build a Courtyard Home in Mexico

My reflections on Dwelling for a Courtyard Home in Mexico I recently launched a website for my latest project, Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home. This book reflects my ecological building philosophy and its connection to our inner spiritual realm. It’s a culmination of my inner explorations and how these inform and relate to my…
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Bill Hutchins featured in Green America

Bill Hutchins featured in Green America

Bill has been featured in Green America. It’s a great piece about Bill, the home he shares with his wife and children – Holly House – and his ecological building philosophy. It’s full of great pics of his home and you can also view a video Green America recently did with Bill giving a tour…
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Dwelling book front cover

Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home

Bill’s new book – Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home – is now available for purchase at Politics & Prose. Dear friends and family, As many of you know, for the past few years I’ve been working on a book – Dwelling, A Poetic Exploration of Home. DWELLING is a poetic exploration of Home as…
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Urgent Support for Residential Building Material Diversion Amendments to Code by DC Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee

Dear friends, today we have are collaborating with the DC Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee by petition of our friend Jim Schulman, Treasurer of the Building Materials Re-use Association. Attached (and below) is a final version of the DC Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee’s sign-on letter regarding minor proposed changes to the Residential Building Code…
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Deep Ecology: Self-Knowledge Through Making and Living in our Physical Home

Self-knowledge needs to be offered on a large scale because it is the only way out for the human race in this moment where we are on the brink of collapse. – Sri Prem Baba This quote, from a beloved spiritual teacher, concisely explains why my work is slowly evolving to focusing on the other…
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Making a Better World in Our Troubled Time – What We Can Do

Bill’s latest article “Making a Better World in Our Troubled Time – What We Can Do” has been featured in the April issue of Natural Awakenings magazine. Following is the full article: I know in our troubled time, many are asking, “What can I do to continue making a better world?” Part of my engagement—amid…
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