Gary's Energy Efficient Home

Gary's Energy Efficient Home

Project Details

Home as stage for the unfolding of a family – most homes could be said to offer this, but this is a home for Gary and family and extended family and their children’s friends and their pets and domesticated animals and…

All imbued with great warmth and extending love.

The land on which their house sits is very rich – at the edge of a lagoon of the Chesapeake Bay, with rolling hills and old trees and sacred places. The house is situated at the back side of this life, slightly faceted so as to embrace and reflect back the flow of the land.

Gary’s new Home is not a small home – just under 4000 sq. ft. – although relative to the life it holds, it’s not too big. Still, that’s a lot to heat and cool and they as such installed a highly energy efficient system with geo-thermal. They also super-insulated and used highly rated windows and exterior doors, as well as opening the house to the south for passive heating, coupled with a mostly stone floor which serves as thermal mass in the gathering spaces. A lot of the wood came from clearing a place for their house and the exterior siding came from cypress trees knocked down during Katrina.

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