Melissa & Geoff's Historic Bungalow Renovation

Melissa & Geoff's Historic Bungalow Renovation

Project Details

Geoff owned a small bungalow in Takoma Park, MD, when he met Melissa. They were engaged when we began working together and their intention was to create a playful, imaginative home – small and efficient – for the family they planned. The design, a complete renovation and small addition, is centered with a large cupola at the seam between the existing kitchen and the new family room at the back. The existing living room was expanded by raising the ceiling up to the roof rafters with an opening into the cupola.

The site is ideal for passive solar considerations – the addition stretched further along the east-west axis, bringing light into every room. Other green features – build as small as possible, no hallways (no wasted space), non-toxic finishes, FSC-certified framing lumber, local finish wood from urban logging, bamboo countertops, highly energy-efficient windows, and super-insulation.

As Melissa & Geoff’s bungalow Renovation is in the Historic District of Takoma Park, all new work had to be in keeping with the original home. Loving bungalows, we embraced this mandate, creating a nuanced, expansive yet intimate, enlivening home.

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