Juliana & Joe's Nurturing Home

Juliana & Joe's Nurturing Home

Project Details

Juliana and Joe wanted an ecological home that was in keeping with a traditional farmhouse. Centered by a light and life-giving cupola, the interior flows easily, providing a peaceful, nurturing space.

Completed in 2006, the Vienna, VA home was begun by deconstructing their existing small, deteriorated house, from which most materials were salvaged or reused. A few trees that we needed to take down for the new home were milled and used for flooring and cabinetry.

The design created a small (2000 sq.ft.) home, integrating active and passive solar practices seamlessly into the farmhouse prototype. Helicon Works Architects seek such integrated, harmonious design for all projects, ecological features blending with basic structure.

You can learn more about Juliana & Joe’s nurturing Home and its Ecological Features by downloading a PDF.

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