Bill Hutchins featured in Green America

Bill has been featured in Green America. It’s a great piece about Bill, the home he shares with his wife and children – Holly House – and his ecological building philosophy. It’s full of great pics of his home and you can also view a video Green America recently did with Bill giving a tour of his home!

From the front, Bill Hutchins’ small bungalow looks much like the rest on his street in Takoma Park, MD. But the 2,100 sq.-foot house Hutchins shares with his wife and their three children (with an apartment that they rent in the basement) is a green home, built with eco-friendly features and with environmentally low-impact practices that limit toxins and waste. To Hutchins, homes have the potential to have soul, especially when they’re designed and built thoughtfully and with heart. He knows because he’s both homeowner and architect, and he is also the owner of Helicon Works Architects. Hutchins incorporated elements in designing his home that have been available to consumers for years. Yet, it feels so different from a conventionally built home that it’s clear green is still on the cutting edge.

You can read the rest of the article here and watch the video of Bill giving a tour of his home!

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