Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home

Bill’s new book – Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home – is now available for purchase at Politics & Prose.

Dear friends and family,

As many of you know, for the past few years I’ve been working on a book – Dwelling, A Poetic Exploration of Home.

DWELLING is a poetic exploration of Home as an internal image — our silent, still center — and how we can find Home, as spiritual work, through creating and living in our physical home.

Our home is a vessel, with exterior membrane-walls, forming a woven dialogue that can put us in relationship with nature and our place.

Further, our home and inner self mirror each other: as we live in and through our home, we give form to our soul; as we deepen our inner journey, we’re more open to the world to which our home unites us.

This interplay is DWELLING.

DWELLING is a written testimony of the intent and philosophy that informs the ecological architecture we do at Helicon Works Architects.

By truly getting to know our clients we are able to create homes that reflect their inner dialogue and provide spaces to explore, play, grow and thrive.

The first part of the book – Book 1 – is full of inspirational poetry, both my own and master poets such as Rumi, Rainier Maria Rilke, Mary Oliver, William Blake and Pablo Neruda, among others.

These poems, as well as the photos in the book, are images that connect us to ourselves, the earth and our built environment, and inspire us to explore our inner Home.

Book 2 and 3 offer ways to DWELL – explorations and meditative exercises to experience and help us understand the dialogue between our inner, or spiritual Home and our outer, or physical home.

After a beautiful, slow unfolding of Dwelling into a book and website, I can now share the book with you and invite you to join us on this process of exploration!

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If you would like to read about DWELLING before purchasing the book, we have created a website where you can download a PDF – A Sneak Peak of Dwelling – when you sign up to receive our newsletter.

I promise not to share your information or bombard you with emails. I feel a monthly newsletter with inspiration is a good beginning. We will send out event reminders as needed so you might share in DWELLING through book experiences and workshops.

<<<<<< Visit www.dwellingtomakehome.com >>>>>>

On the DWELLING website you will find more information about the book.

More importantly, we will post weekly inspirational stories from clients and readers, interviews and news about upcoming workshops and events.

Please write to me at bill@dwellingtomakehome.com if you would like to share a story with us or be featured in the Community Library.

The Community Library will be our living testimony of DWELLING!

And so that we may join together daily, you can also find us on the DWELLING Facebook page.


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So you see there’s a lot of DWELLING going on because, beyond the book, DWELLING is a breathing, living movement where we can connect and discover, together!!

My broad intention is to create a community, who can support each other as we do our daily work of finding our spiritual Home through the way we live in our physical home.


My work now is to share DWELLING via book “experiences” (more than a reading), workshops, home consults, engaging with you via the website and Facebook, and always as an architect, helping people further create their home.

A FREE book reading experience is planned for April 21 and the first Dwell to Live workshop will be held at my home in Takoma Park, MD, on May 12. If you would like to join us in either of these events, please sign up here (limited space available!):

<<< Sign up for the book reading experience >>>

<<< Sign up for the Dwell to Live workshop >>>

Thank you for supporting our work at Helicon Works Architects, which has given me the space and time to develop DWELLING.

I want to thank the following people who have helped make this a reality – Henry Sanders, Lourdes Billingsley, Emily Gupta, Bill Updike, Anne Dykers, Alice Trembour, Keith Winston, Angie Seckinger, Tamzin Smith, Krysta Schlyer, Haley Chung, Sean Edwin and Daniela Silberman.

Deepening our knowing of our Home is essential to creating a sane, peaceful world – I invite you to join me in this journey.


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