Reflections for a client wanting to build a Courtyard Home in Mexico

My reflections on Dwelling for a Courtyard Home in Mexico

I recently launched a website for my latest project, Dwelling: A Poetic Exploration of Home. This book reflects my ecological building philosophy and its connection to our inner spiritual realm. It’s a culmination of my inner explorations and how these inform and relate to my physical home and built environment.

Through this book I share with you poems by myself and master poets, and meditative exercises you can do to better understand your connection with your own home (both spiritual and physical). This philosophy is brought to light through our design and development process, and we offer our clients the possibility of engaging with Dwelling through a more active and experiential workshop or in-home consultation.

The following article featured in the Dwelling website is an example of the reflections that emerged while carrying out an in-home consultation (or in-place, in this case) for a couple who are looking to build a courtyard home in Mexico.

“Your courtyard home in Mexico… First off, here is the disposition of your future home – it’s in San Miguel de Allende, about 150 miles north of Mexico City. San Miguel is a beautiful Colonial town, with the usual vibrant Mexican life force. You own an empty lot, with good solar access, and about ten feet of grade, going down front to back. The neighborhood isn’t too hectic, but, enough that you want respite from its energy.
Our home can put us in relationship with its place, yet, often, our home is a refuge from the world around it (in a hectic, noisy city). This applies to your home, yet, you do want to root into the earth and open to the sky and sun. In rooting into the earth, you’re really wanting a sacred, archetypal Eden: something actually removed from your place. In relating to the sun, for half the year you want to avoid it (but not its light). Homes are as complex as we are, wanting something and then not!  And the sky is always there, full of as many moods as we can muster…”

Read the rest of the client story by going to this link >>> Courtyard Home in Mexico.

If you’re interested in exploring the relationship between your inner and outer home to feel more connected to the places you inhabit, read about in-home consultations here or get in touch with

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